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How is Medical Cannabis administered?

Different formulations of medical cannabis are available in the market or under clinical investigation. According to the patient profile and to the therapeutic needs, specific formulations (with various levels of cannabinoids and other compounds) with different routes of administration can be prescribed.

Oral administration
(oils or capsules)

This is the preferred route of administration because it is safe and has good patient compliance. Since the absorption of cannabinoids through this route takes longer, the side effects are reduced.

(dry flower)

This route is rapid and effective, with high systemic bioavailability. This can be indicated for patients that do not take oral medications (e.g., in the case of nausea and vomiting). lt can have respiratory side effects.

Other formulations and routes of administration are already under clinical or preclinical evaluation (e.g. transdermal, subcutaneous, topical, oral solutions)

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