Bringing our pharma expertise to medical cannabis

Understand the process

Our production process

Our core business is the manufacturing of solid and liquid dosage forms with quality, short delivery dates and a very flexible response to the needs of all clients.


100 tonnes per year of fresh cannabis flower and 20 tonnes per year of dry cannabis flower


Cold extraction, without solvents nor other contaminants and pressurized systems


Oral solutions
Soft gels – TBD

Substantial installed capacity for liquid forms with a dedicated medical cannabis line

Within our manufacturing site near Lisbon, we have the capacity to produce over 2.5 million units of medical cannabis products.

Our Research

Behind the product

Our Research

Behind the product

Bringing our pharma expertise to medical cannabis

FAI Therapeutics® is focused in offering patients the therapeutic effect of cannabis, ensuring the highest safety and quality standards by bringing its proven pharma expertise to medical cannabis. We have developed an integrated process, based on the most recent scientific information.

Development and Optimization of Cultivation Processes

Development, Optimization and Scale Up of Extaction and Purification Processes

Development and Scale Up of Production Processes and Implementation of Quality Control Protocols

Dedicated Clinical Trials Team

To ensure our products accompany the scientific and clinical developments in the medical cannabis field, we are building a specialized team responsible for:

Designing, carrying out and implementing clinical trials with medical cannabis

Producing scientific evidence on the impact of medical cannabis in diseases of interest

Defining dosages and formulations to address different needs and diseases

Keeping up with scientific evidence released all over the world and identifying diseases which benefit from medical cannabis prescription

Staying in touch with healthcare professionals to develop products which are in line with patients' needs

From Seed to Patients

From Seed to Patients

In-house process

Our process is fully in-house, which means that we guarantee
the quality and safety
of our products from beginning to end.


Under controlled conditions, Cannabis plants flourish within the designated areas
in Agrovete’s fields.


Cold extraction, without solvents
or other contaminants and
pressurized systems.
Extraction capacity of 100 tonnes
per year of fresh cannabis flower
and of 20 tonnes per year
of dry cannabis flower.


Good Manufacturing Practices are followed in detail, allowing the extraction and production
of high-quality cannabis oil.
Pharmaceutical forms will include oral solutions and possibly soft gels.


In accordance with legal practices,
through the applicable documentation
and following all regulations.

Promotion & Distribution

Our partnership with pharmacies and healthcare professionals enables us to reach stakeholders and targets efficiently.

Our Portfolio

We have a range of medical cannabis-based products and extracts to fit your clinical needs.