FAI Therapeutics®

Learn more about who we are, what inspires us, and what drives us.

FAI Therapeutics®

Learn more about who we are, what inspires us, and what drives us.

FAI Therapeutics®

is a 100%-privately owned Portuguese group that aims to revolutionize the Medical Cannabis field.








Bringing our pharma expertise to medical cannabis

Bringing our pharma expertise to medical cannabis

Making the best of what Agrovete, IBERFAR and Ferraz Lynce have to offer, FAI Therapeutics® is a combined effort to create a vertically integrated process that ensures quality and safety of all products.

Our companies

Ferraz Lynce

Ferraz Lynce is the commercial branch of Iberfar Group, being responsible for registering, promoting, distributing, and selling prescription drugs, OTC medicines, medical devices, food supplements and other health products in Portugal.


Iberfar, Indústria Farmacêutica, S.A. is the main company of a privately-owned Portuguese pharmaceutical group, founded in 1924, whose activities cover all fields of this industry, and that operates a significant EU cGMP manufacturing site near Lisbon. Its core business is the manufacturing of solid and liquid dosage forms with quality, short delivery dates and a very flexible response to the needs of all clients.


Agrovete has over 60 years of experience in the agricultural setting. As a leading certified cereal seed producer in Portugal, with farms in Alentejo and in Ribatejo, Agrovete works directly with seed breeders from around the world to find the best-suited seeds for cultivation, being committed to sustainable practices through each step of its business.


“I have always been interested in different and innovative projects and businesses, often with little consensus. Cannabis was one of those. Looking at our Group I realised the whole production chain was in place, in readiness for medical cannabis to be allowed in Portugal, so that we could move forward.

We used an estate I have owned since the 80s, combined with: the technical expertise of Agrovete, founded 60 years ago, for crop production; Iberfar, our production unit since 1951, with its quality approved manufacturing facilities; Ferraz Lynce, who has been active in marketing and distribution of pharmaceutical products since 1924; and my international experience in the key areas of the project.”

Dr. Pedro Ferraz da Costa
Pedro Ferraz da Costa

Our numbers matter

Pharmaceutical expertise 100 years

Collaborators 50

Products 8

Culture area 5.5 ha

Why Medical Cannabis?

Our experience in different therapeutic areas allowed us to identify medical cannabis products
as a need for our patients and healthcare professionals.

Thus, we renew our commitment with the medical and scientific community, providing products
with quality, scientific accuracy and sustainability.


Medical products

In line with HCP and patient's needs

Every leaf tells a story...

Find out about our story in the field of Medical Cannabis.


Find out what's new in Medical Cannabis
in Portugal and around the world

Our Portfolio

We have a range of medical cannabis-based products and extracts to fit your clinical needs.